Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Faces in the shadows

I am in love with these paper faces and need someone to tell me more about them.

(image via Bougy//Bisous)


Huntley said...

I saw your comment on the article about the Airstream Trailer Park on The Grand Daddy Hotel rooftop.

"I want to go to there.

posted by alisong on May 20th 2009 at 3:00pm"

Have you ever been to Cape Town, or Africa for that matter? As a local and an African nut, I can highly recommend it as a great destination. Here is some photos to give you a taste:

Feel free to drop me a line at

Have a fun day.

Alison said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I'll have to add Cape Town to my (ever-growing) list of places I have to see.

Huntley said...

Great to hear you enjoyed the photos!
It was just so cool to see your comment on the Grand Daddy Trailer Park I thought I had to comment, and just give you some visuals on the city (and some of Africa), few people know much about it.
Combine that with some time in Kruger Park, and you have a great escape to Africa.

But yeah, know what you mean with that growing list, always been dead keen to see the Americas after travelling most of Africa and Europe already.

Well, you run (!?) a great blog, and your taste for tasteful things are commendable.

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