Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flickr mixtape

Some favorite pictures I’ve been collecting on Flickr, just for you:
(from top left)
1. Vintage pottery canister by H is for Home
2. Peaches and flowers from the farmer’s market by Lillian Day
3. By Mcminteriors
4. Narcoleptic Leo arrives from sfgirlbybay
5. Turquoise things by Anna Betts
6. By LJJ
7. Sofa(s) almost done by kimhas6cats
8. Down the stairs revisited by Lillian Day
9. Wall…by parkersewn
10. Yellow Pantone color hanging art by indierocket
11. Read by Spring Globe
12. Boudoir by Candy Pop
13. Extendable wall lamp by markbakerstudios
14. Three shelves are filled with the many tints and shades of white by sunshinesyrie
15. Trampoline by decor8
16. Living etc by decor8
17. Lomofied by sweet sweet life
18. By Strange Closets

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