Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tattoo you

Let's turn to a new subject for a minute, ok? My good friend Shannon and I are planning to get tattoos soon (Woo! Spring break!). No, not matching ones (unless you want to go with the "Best Friends" broken heart, Shan. Eh? What do you think?). It will be a first for her and second go-round for me. I'm very excited.

My plan for a while now its to use something sentimental. I have a brooch from my grandmother that I love. It's a very pretty stylized G (not only does my last name start with a G, it's also quite helpful that I'm straight gangsta). I figure it's a subject I'm not too likely to get sick of.

Annnnyway, so check out this stunning tattoo:

It's from a design the girl's grandmother embroidered in high school. Original embroidery here.

I have neither the patience nor pain threshold to get something like this, but it's truly one of the most amazing--not to mention touching--pieces of body art I've seen.

So, you got a tattoo? What is it and why did you get it?

(via Red Velvet Art)


Jess W. said...

That's stunning!

I have three...A lame tulip I got when I was 18. A design strongly inspired by Picasso's Dove of Peace. And my father's initials (M and W) which make two hearts that look nearly exactly like the design of Jane Seymour's Open Hearts collection for Kay's actually quite unfortunate because I got the tattoo probably 5 years ago.

Jackie said...

Wow! That is truly an amazing tattoo. I can't get over two aspects of tattoos: the pain and the permanency. If I wasn't such a wuss and so wishy washy I would be in business.

karly / design crisis said...

We don't need to discuss my tatoo let's just say that i really really wish it looked more like this. Great find!

Melillo said...

I have a blue star near my bikini area and I am glad I have it! Not many people have seen it and my parents dont even know I have it, but I like blue and I like stars and I like my tattoo. I say go for it and enjoy it. It does hurt, but not awful. What is Shannon getting?

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