Thursday, August 20, 2009

In my leisure suite

Here's where I'll be tonight
Pretending that I live there. Or can afford any of their snazzy wares.

More info if you care to go:

Enjoy local art, great furniture, a beverage, and good company!

Artist/ gallery curator David "Netherland" van Alphen lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Though David's family was from Holland, he was born in Toronto, and has been in Chicago for the last eight years. Being a child of the 70's has influenced him greatly and is reflected in most of his work. Juxtaposing images, his color choices and the new modern context comes through his nostalgic imagery and helps to isolate and enhance them into a beautiful montage. David does not resize, photocopy or scan any of the images he uses. All images are cut directly from their original source and and pieced together to keep each piece unique

More info about Netherland.

“Leisurama” will be on display until Friday,Sept.18th

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