Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At home with Allison

Do I have a treat for you today! Allison Marusic (very cool link from Etsy) in Nashville has agreed to share pictures of her home full of amazing vignettes. She's clearly a collector, and her love for the treasures she's found shines through in these photographs.

How long have you lived in your home, and why did you choose it?
I've lived here for two years exactly. I knew the second I walked inside that this was the house for me. It was on the market for a while – it turns out all the things I loved about it were just the things no one else wanted. I still feel incredibly lucky to call it mine.

How would you describe your style?
Hmmm. That's a tricky question… 1940's granny meets 1950's country?

And is there anyone/anything that has inspired you?
Lots of things inspire me. Here's a few:
- flea markets
- classic country music
- my clever and talented friends
- family history
- the style of my house and the built-in character that's already here
- Canadiana, old souvenirs, maps and globes
- used tools, machinery, industrial bits and old things from my dad's workshop
- vintage clothes
- and I appreciate things that show wear or a sense of being used. If I had to choose between mint condition and beat up, I'd pick the one that was beat up. I like objects with a back story, whether I know what that story is or not.

Has your look evolved over the years? If so, how?
All of my previous places were variations of what you see now, only smaller. I give stuff away a lot, have yard sales and whatnot so the levels of old junk never get too out of control.

The overall look though was never a conscious decision. If things in my house aren't hand-me-downs from my grandma, then they're most likely from yard sales, flea markets or thrift shops. With those places you can't really decide, you just get lucky. I buy things that are available and affordable and that I just like, and then I incorporate them into my home.

What's your favorite part of your home?
The glitter ceilings, the wood paneling. The barn is pretty great, too.

Your least favorite?
The leaky ceiling in the Florida room.

What's your next project?
Besides putting a new roof on the Florida room, I am not sure yet. I am thinking of repainting two rooms – that'll probably happen in October some time. And I have big plans for the yard...

What are your sources--ie the best places you find treasures for your homes?
Flea markets, thrift stores, family members' attics and the yard sales of old ladies.

Amen to all that.

Allison was kind enough to share some of her favorite online places for inspiration:

I love everything my pals Ali Walsh and Dolan Geiman do:www.dolangeiman.com and my favorite AM station, WSM radio.

Allison, thanks so much for including a music source--since it's such an important element in your home. What a great idea! And as always, thank you for taking the time to share your home. Visit Allison's Flickr photostream for scads more amazing shots.


Anonymous said...

So unique and stylish! I love it!

Miss Julia J said...

Allison, you are so amazing.
Every single corner of her house looks like these photos. Nothing was spruced up or planted.

Anonymous said...

So many amazingly inspiring pictures. I love them. I want my house to look lie this!

Love love love!



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