Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At home with Nestled In

Katja from Nestled In is another favorite Flickr contributor of mine. I love the sense of peace and serenity she's created in her home. She's also got quite the knack with floral and plant arrangement, which I absolutely love.

Katja and Minna share a bit about renovating their lovely home, their inspiration sources and the evolution of their style:

How long have you lived in your home, and why did you choose it?

We bought our home last December and moved in at the end of February this year. During the 3 months we did a lot of renovation with the help of Katja's father. We renovated the kitchen and bathroom completely and painted/wallpapered and did a lot of smaller projects in every room. We bought our home because after renting we were ready to buy a home of our own and this one was perfect for our first home. It's the right size, good location, fit our budget and even though it wasn't in the best shape at the time it had a lot of potential.

We live in Oulu, Finland, in an apartment in a wooden rowhouse built in 1959. It has two stories and a basement. On the main floor there is a small kitchen and a small living room, upstairs two bedrooms (the smaller one we use as a home office) and a bathroom. In the basement there is a spare room and a bathroom and a sauna but those are still waiting to be renovated sometime later!

How would you describe your style and is there anyone/anything that has inspired you?
Our style is pretty simple and comfortable. We find inspiration in blogs, Flickr, magazines, (thrift) shops, art, movies, friends' homes, lovely neighborhoods.

Has your look evolved over the years? If so, how?
Living together for a few years now both of our decorating styles have changed quite a lot and we're finding a new style together. It's still evolving and we're learning new things as we go along.

What's your favorite part of your home? Your least favorite?
We just recently painted the bedroom with a lovely blue-grey color and it's made it our favorite room in the house. Also the kitchen, which we did on a tiny budget but it turned out to be everything we wished for! Least favorite part is that we still have a lots of little projects to do and sometimes it's frustrating to live in the middle of half-completed projects! :)

What's your next project?
We are planning to redo the staircase that leads upstairs.

What are your sources--ie the best places you find treasures for your homes?
We love thrift stores and Ikea :) Also Marimekko for fabric. And Etsy of course!

(I couldn't resist adding a picture of their adorable cat Lissu--who has her own set on Flickr.)

Katja was kind enough to share some of her favorite sites:

VihreƤ talo
Kootut murut
Sparkling Ink

Thanks so much, Katja and Minna! And Lissu too! See many more pictures of their beautiful home here.


Katja said...

Thank you for featuring our home and your lovely words! :)

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

It's really such a beautiful home! They have a real knack for accessorizing.

tiina said...

Thank you for the blog love, Katja!

Jutta said...

I love Katja's home, she has such a great sense of style.

J said...

I love this house, great tour!

Joanna Goddard said...

i love your tours!

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