Monday, September 21, 2009

On Sundays I worship at the house of Craigslist

In other news, I recently found out what kind of people food my cat Harvey likes.

Hard-boiled egg yolk!

He's also already putting in lots of time on the Kofod Larsen rocker I bought yesterday (for a freaking song!).

Bonus: My mom has given me some great, simple white canvas I can use to recover the seat.

Black poodle curls may suit Harvey just fine, but they're just not my cup of tea.

*Speaking of breakfasts of champions, I had a drink at Kurt Vonnegut's favorite bar over the weekend. Such a cool, homey place. And just when I was beginning to lament the lack of good dive neighborhood/corner bars in Indianapolis.*


The Wife of an Artist said...

That is one gorgeous rocker! I think I might be spending the good part of my afternoon on good ol' craigslist.

rachel said...

Egg, huh? My cat LOVES roast beef. I may have to try out the egg thing and see what he thinks.

Baz Mcm said...

Dig the chair.

What's the name of the bar?



Alison said...

It's the Red Key Tavern on College and about 46th. It's very laid back. I'm definitely a repeat customer.

Anonymous said...

i love the Red Key! such a fabu place....but a stop by the cash machine is definitely in order before my visit.

and mouse is a total sucker for ice cream! she snoops it out like a bloodhound.


Katja said...

Really beautiful rocker and cute cat :)

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