Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fall brings out the nostalgia

Aww. Look, it's my old bedroom on Apartment Therapy.

I can't believe it's been a year since I took that photo (or that I only ended up living in that apartment for about six months).

I never would have thought that in less than a year's time, I'd be shacked up with my boyfriend (sinners!) and sharing the joys and pains of home ownership(hello, very expensive window bars to keep out would-be robbers. Oh, didn't I tell you? Someone slit the screen in our kitchen window and tried to shimmy in to steal stuff. While I was home most of the day. Literally the day before we left the country for a week. Awesome times! Luckily, s/he was thwarted by our window locks and a vigilant neighbor. But still, the bars are worth it.)

So many changes. It makes me wonder what these next 12 months will bring. And it makes me curious: What big changes did you experience in the past year? And what are your hopes for the coming months?

I wasn't quite expecting to end up behind bars, but it's not quite a gilded cage either.


Shannon said...

Oh no! Was it the parolees? That is so terrible!

Changes in the past year:
-Planning on getting a tattoo by 2010
-Piano lessons

All very bleh.

Alison said...

I have no idea...I don't think so though. Somehow our communal garage door was left open and they walked right into the backyard. Someone probably just saw an opportunity.

Ew to jogging.

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