Thursday, September 10, 2009


There have been a few new developments on the home front. Nothing crazy, but more than enough to keep me happy and entertained.

First off, my Craigslist rug!

Doing a bang-up job of lying on the floor! It's amazing how these colors exactly pick up everything else in the room. I couldn't have picked out another rug I like more.

So far, my cats have been pretty interested in scratching it, but they haven't done too much damage yet. Here's to hoping my stomping and yelling are effective techniques in getting them to stop.

I figured out a use for my vintage locker bins.

They're making me very happy right now.

OMG, guys. You know how I had all of that extra fabric leftover from my headboard project?

Well, my super talented buddy Rachel made me these awesome pillows for my bed. Aren't they the bee's knees?

Now all I have to do is get this wallpaper for my old-lady bedroom.

Here's a sneak peek of more mini projects to come

Anybody recognize that chandelier?

P.S. Why, yes. That is a cat sitting on a laptop. Nothing to see there.

I was all set to take more pictures, but my camera battery died. I'll try to have more tomorrow if I don't get too frustrated (our house gets so little light, taking pictures with my little point-and-shoot is darn near impossible. Suggestions, please!)


Anonymous said...

Oh! I am excited to see the new development that I think you are referring to here. Yay!

Alison said...

It is! It is!

It looks great--just need a few more chain links and a working camera.

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