Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ledger tests

I am seriously running out of room on my walls for art, but I'd find a special spot for one of Rick Baker's ledger tests. Once I saw these online, I had to know more.

Aren't they beautiful? Rick is an artist from Los Angeles who has turned his love of collecting paper ephemera into innovative works of art. Of his technique he says, "I collect old photos, paper, postcards, etc. Sometimes, they make their way into my drawing, in the case of the ledger tests, it was an old accountant's ledger that I found a thrift store. I like the tone of the paper and I had the idea that it could function as a good 'frame' to 'hang my stuff' on...'my stuff', in this case, meaning the abstract forms (lines, dots, circles, etc.) that tend to 'bubble up' and out onto the paper when i clear my mind and get into 'drawing mode.'"

On his creative process: "I suppose it all kind of comes from my years of unconscious doodling--which, in retrospect, was a kind of ongoing self-education in drawing. It was only a few years ago that I decided to try to 'guide' those doodling impulses...to push myself and treat it seriously. I stopped throwing away things or stopping the drawing when it got too tangled or difficult. I have slowly trained myself to 'manage' these forms...repeat them and tweak them. the surprising result is that I developed what you could call a 'style', even though that was never a conscious intention of mine.

Evolution of an artist: "Now that i acknowledge it--name it as such--it has become a a sort of private creative 'toolbox' for me. I have my Dots (like on the Ledger Tests), my Bubbles, my Hair Lines, my Drips, my Nibs, Tendons and so on...I am now working on more pieces like the Ledger Tests (using more of the same paper, along with some new 'grid' and 'frames')."

For now, Rick isn't selling any of his work yet, but he's looking in to opening an Etsy shop--I really hope he does! For now, check out his wonderful Flickr sets for more.

Rick, thanks so much for taking the time to share these! I hope we see more of you soon!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Back Garage said...

Wow -- those are amazing. I love old ledgers, Steno pads, graph paper... wish my telephone doodles were that good though!

Jayson F said...

Okay this is a completely creepily small world. Rick is my wife's cousin's husband.

Alison said...

Wow, that is crazy! I hope he gives you some art this Christmas. Guy is talented!

Hilary & Rick said...

Ha! Hi Jayson! :D

Alison - great post - yes, Rick is so talented! I hope he gets that Etsy shop up soon too.

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