Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Life is but a film

I adore the Living In feature on Design Sponge in general, but I'm super extra psyched that the latest one tackles Annie Hall. It's such a warm but sophisticated look.

That whole 1970s, lived-in, book and art filled room is my thing, man. It's kind of what I was going for with my one-room inspiration pick a bit ago.

And I'm beginning to suspect it's not just me. Looky who just called out Hannah and Her Sisters as an example of upcoming design trends, citing the exact same qualities that appeal to Amy Merrick in the Design Sponge post.

Who wants to go shopping for worn out antique rugs and courdory jackets with elbow patches?

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The Wife of an Artist said...

Pick me! Pick me!

P.S. Welcome back!

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