Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ooh Baby, baby! Ebay E-Baby

In an effort to hold up my end of the deal, here is an absolute hot mess of items that piqued my interest long enough to hit the "watch" button:

Vintage addition and subtraction flash cards. Love the scalloped edges. These would make sweet gift tags if you punched a hole in one corner. Wonder if they're big enough for postcards...hmmm.

Likewise with these German phrase flash cards. God only knows what they say...hope it's nice.

In keeping with the learnin' theme, this vintage French school poster is pretty dope (get it? dope? mushrooms? ugh, sorry).

Zut alors! More French stuff pour vous.
Well if it isn't a slightly rusty, slightly janky set of kitchen canisters!

Do you happen to go by these initials? Well, Have I got a Treat for you! Seriously, how cool would it be to have embroidered monogrammed tape? God! Why can't my name be Hiram Turtletaub!?!

Get in my bathroom.

Who said the Japanese had a monopoly on cute? Aww, you adorable mid-century Brits! Coochie coo!

Hanging up your clothes isn't rocket science.

Or is it?

Speaking of science. Better get on this one. The listing ends in just a couple of hours.

And for the department of WTF...

Hairspray holders exist?!? Well my Aunt Sally!


Retro-luxe said...

I need that hairspray holder!

Alison said...

No bids on either one. Go on and get it, girl! You'd be the only one on your block with a gold filigree hairspray holster. Imagine the envy!

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