Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pillow fight!

So originally, I was going to do a round up of all of the random, wonderful crap I'm watching on eBay these days. I'm certainly not going to buy it, so why shouldn't you?

But then, I noticed that a seller had listed all sorts of seriously awesome vintage needlepoint pillows. And you know, I love me some needlepoint pillows.

Actually timely, aren't some of these so nice for fall?

Perfect for reclining and sipping cider.

Maybe you want to put on a cowl-neck sweater and some Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie glasses and zone out to an old Judy Collins record while lounging with this guy.

I know I do.

Hey! Check out this one! It's a Cooooosssssssby sweataahhhh!

Come on, these two are so nice and neutral, you can't say they won't go in your house.

Ok, so the tulips aren't so seasonally appropriate, but who cares? They're awesome.

Too tame for you? Ok, then.

How you like me now? I'm a badass blue-eyed Bengal tiger comin' at you from the couch!

Ahem. Actually I may have to kindly ask you to back off this guy. I kind of think I need him in my life, ok?

Go check out the seller. He has quite a few more snazzy pillows for sale (and some not-so-snazzy ones with corny golf sayings on them if that's your thing. No judgement.) Best thing is that they're all pretty reasonably priced at around $20. Even designer sample sale pillows are way above that.

If you guys are super nice and tell me which pillow is your fave--or if none, what random junk you like to collect--in the comments section (and stay the hell away from my bengal), I'll put up a post with some other neato eBay treasures.


The Wife of an Artist said...

Wow. That tiger pillow is all kinds of awesome. If only you could find a Nagel needlepoint.

rachel said...

Ha ha! I love the tiger pillow. I'm pretty sure my couch needs it.

erin@designcrisis said...

Dude, your blog is kind of awesome!

Love the BLAM tiger pillow... snatch that bad boy up, pronto!

Back Garage said...

Um, WOAH. So rare to be finding such randomly amazing stuff on EBAY these days. I love the 2nd pillow and, of course, the tiger. If I were to find that tiger pillow at an estate sale I would pee a little. Anyway, nice.

Alison said...

Guys, he's mine! yessssss. Can't wait to have him home....let me have your name suggestions.

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