Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sofa king pretty

(yes I went there)

Hey, it's just me. Cruising through my endless bookmarks.

Back when we were in the market for a sofa, I was in love with this pretty thing. It's got a nice, classic-y vintage look, but the details make it more formal--and more interesting--than the typical MCM tapered-leg sofa. It's like an old Buick.

In the end, we went with something much more modern (and not white. Oh, and also from Craigslist-duh.), which I think was the better choice. Marc really didn't like this sofa and I didn't want our living room to be an homage to the Dick Van Dyke Show.

I don't know anything about Custom Sofa Designs, but god, this sofa is still the prettiest I've seen. And at $799? That beats the hell out of any weakass armless "sofa" you're going to get from CB2 (sorry, I have a problem with sofas with no arms. I hate them almost as much as I detest patent leather shoes. And yes, the sofa pictured has enough of a set of mini raptor arms for me to be cool with it.)

Anybody know anything about this company? It's such a lovely design, I'd like to keep it around in the folder and dream a bit...

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