Sunday, October 25, 2009

Curtain call

(I have no idea where this picture is from, but if someone does, please please tell me. I need to see more.)

I have these curtains in my bedroom. They're from Ikea and I love them. My bedroom looks nowhere near as nice as this.


But I think we have the exact same color on the walls. Arrgh! Twinsies on the silhouettes even!

I think that because the pattern is so bold (at least for me), I've become intimidated and have tried to keep our room mellow and all earth-toned out, but I'm really jealous of the teal and mustard in this picture.

Tell me how I should make the magic happen in the bedroom!


Alison said...

Name twin,

But you have a kitty on the bed! That's really what turns a room from 'pretty' into 'cozy wonderfulness'.

I'd swap out your bright teal pillows for something a little more dreamy teal. And yes, I'd add some mustard yellow, a la your curtain win.


Hanen said...

Nice curtains! I like your room, it looks better than mine :).
You're right the other room is cozier . I think you need a little bit of yellow/orange/mustard, as Alison said in the previous comment, and bigger pillows. And you could also try to turn the bed (if there is enough space) so the curtains are behind it.

Alison said...

So what you guys are saying is paint my cat mustard, right?

Thanks for the tips, guys. I'm going to try these out and see what I come up with!

erin@designcrisis said...

I think you have a super start going on in your room, and I do love the curtains. Just a lil pop of color here and there would do you right, I think.

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