Friday, October 02, 2009

I could do this, right?

What an awesome idea for a hanging planter (that doesn't involve macrame, SHANNON)!

Maybe this could alleviate some of the window crowding that's happening in my living room this very moment.


erin@designcrisis said...

Are you hating on macrame? Ok, confession time: I really want to spray paint a macrame hanger gold. I know, it's tacky, but what can I say.

Alison said...

Do you think it will take, or will the gold flake off? I want to see pictures of it if you do!

No hate on macrame, my friend is just really into macrame owls these days so I'm giving her a little good-natured hate.

I guess I'm fair game for old rusty milk crates, etc.

Shannon said...

We are totally making a macrame owl when you least expect it. I will accost you with the materials and the fun will begin!

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