Monday, October 12, 2009

A mounting desire

Recently I've been spending a lot of time moaning and whining about how I don't have enough light in my house for more plants (that's me! plants and cats and needlepoint and banana bread. next up: dentures and control-top pantyhose.)

But no, IF I had more light, I'd slap a couple of these above my fireplace, no problem.

My grandmother had staghorn ferns, and I grew up thinking they were the coolest thing this side of Teddy Roosevelt.

I guess this is something I'm finally not alone on. Artists Sean and Stacy Kelly has used them to create the installation A Call to Arms:

"Each trophy-plant is made from spliced scrap-walnut, laser etched with the word victoire, French for victory. When hunting for sport first became a widespread past time for the aristocracy in Europe, its protocol was conceived and transcribed by the French.

These trophy-plants offer a new interpretation that celebrates the symbiotic. The victory is mutual, the trophy is living and growing, and the disconnection between humans and nature is revealed as a societal facade."

Totally, dude.

And also they're just really pretty looking.

Here are some more pictures from the cool people on Flickr.

UPDATE: Oh. Apparently this is an annual thing with me.


The Wife of an Artist said...

I'm going to start referring to you as Blanche.

Anonymous said...

definitely a grandma vibe, but a cool grandma vibe. or maybe a crazy aunt in the attic. so cool!

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