Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pent up

Remember the other day when I wrote about how happy a little pretty packaging can make me?

There's more to admire! The winners of the Pentawards packaging design competition have been announced. Let's look at some pretty stuff, yeah?

The best of show award went to Kimberly-Clark for those fruit slices Kleenex boxes.

Which, if you're interested in knowing, I hate. I don't like associating a fresh slice of juicy fruit with snot. Can't someone make a nice, plain box of tissue so I can deep six my stainless steel holder from Ikea? (not bad at all, Clorox) All I do is get fingerprints all over it every time I replace the Kleenex inside.

On the other hand, here are some other entrants that I love:

12 Inches juice by War Design

Boots body products by Camilla Lillieskold

Johnson & Johnson by Harry Allen Design

Jack Daniels by Mayday

There are tons more to click through. Do you have a favorite?

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