Monday, October 19, 2009

Roadtrip anyone?

The other day, I was leafing through the October issue of Architectural Salvage News (no, I didn't just make it up) when I happened upon an ad for Unearthed, a salvage shop in Madison, WI.

Guys, they have some pretty sweet stuff. At decently reasonable prices.

Like these stacking storage bins for $6.

This wood and steel coffee table made out of a factory cart isn't exactly a steal at $290, but it's a ton cheaper than the wares being peddled at Restoration Hardware. (psst. If you're looking for one of those wheeled carts from RH that everyone has been freaking over, Urban Remains has a few right now. They're not giving them away at $575, but that's a hell of a lot less than Resto's $1,295, right?)

But yeah, I'd say Unearthed is even a bit more reasonable than your average Chicago salvage shop. They do some neat stuff with their findings too.

Why yes, I would love a lamp made from a porcelain sink leg. How did you ever know?

A table made from vintage bowling floor? Definitely if I had a grand burning a hole in my pocket.

It just wouldn't be Wisconsin without some industrial-sized cheese grates, now would it?

The sold section is really killing me.

Oh the things I would have done for this vintage map. Sigh.

Seriously. I want a road trip. Madison is such a pretty place to visit anyway.

Would it sweeten the deal if I told you I have access to a large cargo van?

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