Friday, October 16, 2009

The haunting

The Urban Decay Squad

Forget witches and monsters and psychotic brothers named Michael Myers, nothing gives me the willies more than old lonely abandoned buildings.

Eerie, creepy or spooky places

I was just innocently poking around Flickr, looking for pictures of vintage wallpaper and old limestone fireplaces when I got sucked into pool after pool of creepy, decaying spaces. And I can't seem to look away.

Decayed yet hauntingly beautiful

Super spooky. But yes, I can see the beauty that emerges when something utilitarian starts to fade and give itself back over to nature.

I tried to avoid the pools that were solely devoted to abandoned asylums (anyone else seen Session 9*?). But trust me, there are plenty out there. Just do me a favor and steer clear of the creepy veterinary hospitals of horror pool. Yipes!


I added the names of the pools from which each picture came in case you want to do a little urban exploring.

Pressed tin

Just make sure you have all your lights on and some snappy music playing.

Peeled and patched walls

Happy haunting!

The Forgotten
* Oh yes, someone did go to the real Danvers State Hospital and take some super eerie atmospheric photos.


Anonymous said...

Do it Gordon!

Becca said...

I enjoy these, she has a great eye for colour & composition:

Alison said...

Nice find, Becca! I can't get over the color in her abandoned houses set. So amazing.

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