Tuesday, November 03, 2009

At home with Sherrie Graham

Oh boy, gang. I'm stuffed up and sick as a dog. I've been feeling cloudy, so please excuse any spelling or other errors. Let's also chalk my lack of cleverness up to this illness as well, shall we?

Today we're off to Nova Scotia to pay a visit to Sherrie Graham, owner of Birch Bark Handmade Soap and taker of some incredibly beautiful atmospheric photos that convey such peacefulness. This week's house tour is so incredibly perfect for the time of year. It's really getting me into mulled cider and pumpkin pie mode. (Need proof? Take a look at her food Flickr set.)It says a ton about Sherrie's aesthetic sense that she's nearly singlehandedly pulling me out of the impending winter blues.

Sherrie, take it away:

We have lived in this house for four and a half years. I saw that it was for sale when my husband and I were out for a walk one evening (we were then living in a rented house), and immediately suggested that we find a real estate agent and have a look at it. The first time we walked in, I was in love, despite the many layers of wallpaper, old flooring, curtains, and dust. So we bought it and have been working away at it ever since. It was built in 1901, and I love the sense of history it has. I also love that much of the woodwork has never been painted, and that everything is very square.

I would describe my style as rustic; I love natural elements like wood and textiles and try to avoid plastics and synthetic materials as much as I can. I'm constantly inspired by other bloggers and the ways they choose to make their homes their own.

My look has definitely evolved; I used to try to fit into my ideas of what other people have and/or would like; now I know what I like and am comfortable with, and that always works out better in the end.

My favourite part of our home is my son's bedroom. It was the first room we completely finished, and it's where we've had many hours of cuddling and reading together. It's also the smallest room and doesn't have a closet, so it required some strategic planning for storage. My least favourite part of our home right now are the rooms we still have left to redo - the upstairs bathroom would have to be at the top of the list. Ugh.

Our next project is the one remaining bedroom which needs wallpaper stripped, to be repaired, sanded, and painted, and to have the floors done. I know that this one will be done in a few months, since it will have to be ready for when our new baby arrives in March!

The very best place to find treasures is yard sales; you just need to know exactly what you're looking for. Second best is a local thrift chain called Frenchy's - sometimes you can find amazing things for next to nothing.

One of my favourite finds in our house is the antique trunk we use as a woodbox in our dining room. I found it for $5 at a yard sale, and everyone who visits loves it. There are a few pictures here.

I get inspiration from Pia Jane Bijkerk's lovely photos on her blog. I also love browsing TOAST's catalogue and gorgeous images on their website.

Thanks for letting us take a peek, Sherrie! I, for one, am getting some great Thanksgiving ideas for my home. Now it's off for some tea with honey and lemon and another dose of DayQuil.

As always, please let me know if you'd like to feature your home on the site!


erin@designcrisis said...

Simply loverly!

And I hope you feel better, pronto. Germs are lame.

Alison said...

Thanks! I feel like I'm at the tail end of it.

sherrieg said...

Thanks so much for your sweet post about my home! I'm flattered. I hope you're feeling better soon, too. Find a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and a good book and hide out for awhile. :) Take care!

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