Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lucky 10

Erin at the fabulous Design Crisis tagged me to round up ten things that make me happy. Right now, I'm wrapping up things at my current job all while learning the ropes for my new gig,which involves a big gear switch and two trade shows in the next week. So things have been more than a little hectic for the past two weeks or so. Adding this round up as just one more task to my gigantico to-do list almost sent me over the edge...until I started doing it.

Seriously, so much drama is making me focus on all the irritating things such as the fact that if I don't do laundry tonight, my swimwear is going to have to pull double duty as undergarments. Which in turn makes me think about cellulite remedies, which drives me to the kitchen in search of chocolate. Good God, I am such a Cathy cartoon these days.

Anywhoodle, taking stock of what makes me sigh and smile is much more therapeutic than dwelling on everything that makes my shoulders hunch up and my left eye twitch. Thanks, Erin. I needed this!

Ok, here goes. I made a point to not make this all about food. It was tough.

10. Indian food. With lots of Naan in particular. I'm craving it like whoa.

9. Grenada tiles.

Love love love. I would possibly tile my bed and my sofa in some of these patterns. And I think a lot of the appeal of these is their old-worldliness. Mostly, they make me want to take a trip to Greece or Turkey.

8. Design Vagabond. Great design blog from an industrial designer who manages to find awesome stuff that's not reported on other sites ad nauseum.

Here's an example post on wonderful Crudo ceramics.

7. Writers who are so hilarious they make me laugh so hard I forget to be jealous. I'm thinking of Tula from Whorange and April Winchell at Regretsy. Those two are always good for a pick-me-up.

6. Speaking of bloggers, I am madly in love with this Patrick Townsend Orbit Light (in white) and am determined to get with it and hang it somewhere fabulous in my house.

I never knew how badly I wanted it in my life before I saw it on DC, so thanks for that, ladies. And thanks for making me cheer myself up today.

This is so fun I'm going to stretch it into two posts--top 5 to come tomorrow.

Even though I'm only halfway done, I'm tagging Melina at Owl and Peacock. And I'm expecting at lest one cheese-related entry.


erin@designcrisis said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along! Glad it made you feel better, but don't go dragging me down by mentioning hateful sh*t like cellulite.

Off to get some Indian food now!

Anonymous said...

Oh Hoorahh! Shall I wait till the top five are completed? I think I will. In case our top 5 are exactly.the.same. Which would be ridiculously rad but maybe a bit redundant.
And weekly cheese is Jarlsberg today!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the job! I can't wait to hear about it. Life is dullsville and I need to hear about something exciting!


Alison said...

Erin, so jealous. I had Pop Tarts for dinner. Frosted strawberry, but still...

Can't wait to see your list, Melina. I doubt our top 5 will be identical. Unless you end up writing about my cats and boyfriend. That would be creepy.

Thanks, Shan! Think of the exiciting February days we have coming up.

Kathy said...

Wow! Nice post on your lucky ten Alison! Although this world really seems so crazy right now with all of the crimes, crisis and everything, we still get to love, enjoy and be happy about simple things in life. Like you, there are certain people and things in my life that really makes me happy and makes my life worth living.

I'm extremely happy loving God, I'm happy being married to my prince charming Vic and I'm super happy with my Sarasota flooring in my home because it's really cute and for me Sarasota tiles in my home looks like the floors in heaven!

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