Friday, January 22, 2010

I got 5 on it

If anyone is just tuning in, here's the second half of the 10 things that make me happy that I began yesterday.

Obviously, there's tons more I could write about (Craigslist, Red Bull, Harold and Maude, Papa John's pizza, "that's what she said" jokes, Intervention, but I think that's all been pretty well documented in my real life or my online life here on my Internet diary friend).

On to the list...

5. Belgian beer. I can't drink it too often because I need my clothes to fit. But it's so delicious. One of my favorite Saturdays is when we go to beer school at the Map Room.

It's getting really popular, so it's sold out the last few times we've tried to attend. But really, what's better than drinking and learning?

4. Terrariums. My love for plants has also been well documented on this site, but I'm adding them again because they're so important to my well-being.

I love having bursts of life around the house--especially in the winter. It makes everything somehow feel more fresh and alive.

3. This is kind of a two-for-one entry: My co-workers and snacks.

They spelled my name out in donuts for my last day at my current job. Everyone wants their name spelled in lights, but pastries suit me just fine! How literally/figuratively sweet is this?

2. While I'll miss a lot about my job, I'm super excited to kick things off here. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity; it's basically a dream job for me. Plus, everyone has been so nice so far, and I can't wait to be working with some crazy gorgeous stuff.

1. And finally, the three amigos, the main guys in my life: Otis, Harvey and Marc.

They're the cutest, most fun roommates ever...even if they have their faults (howling incessantly at 3 am, digging up plants, being a finicky eater, respectively). They're the best trio in the world to come home to every day!

I'm going to tag someone else today too! Jess at The Wife of an Artist, you're up!


The Wife of an Artist said...

1. Congrats! I just headed over to the Aesthetic Movement website. I'm so super excited for you!

2. Thanks for giving me that needed kick in the pants to get back to my blog. It's been a bit neglected as of late. I'll do my best to get something good posted this weekend just for you!

C.E.R. said...

Ok, so one of yours howls at 3AM too?! Gah! Drives me nutty but I love him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is that our top 5 can't be the same because a) I don't know your main squeeze and b) I don't have your old or new job.

The bad news is, I sort of hate you for your new job. Holy dream job is right, are they hiring? I have an Industrial Design desgreeeee!

Ok, I'm going to make mine now!

Anonymous said...

Excited for you! Congrats on the new gig.

{lovely little things} said...

Cute kitties!

Alison said...

Thanks guys!!!

erin@designcrisis said...

Congrats on the amazing job!!!

(and the cute boy and kitties)

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