Monday, March 29, 2010

It's aMAZEing!?!

So last week, everybody got their new CB2 catalogs with these plant-holding grids on the cover.

Which is causing maje waves in my tiny community of people I talk to on the phone. So it's a pretty big deal that two people called up to discuss it: when they're buying it, where they're going to put it and all that jazz.

They're pretty neat, I have to say. And after three trips to the Smart Home to examine the vertical gardens and then immediately pester Marc about building me one (or six, same diff), this seems like a neat and easy solution. Except, not to be a huge dork or a downer, I don't think all those plants are air plants. A bunch of them look suspiciously like old fashioned succulents that need their dirt.

What do you all think? Is this something that would look good for a week, then start to get all mangy? What if you really did fill it with tillandsias? What then?

Speaking of outdoor-ish things, I'm pretty into these zinc planters from Crate and Barrel. They're big, dramatic and most importantly, pretty darn cheap.

Why yes, I would pay $10 for this guy to hang out on the rail of my deck.

I'm really into all of these charcoal planters. Maybe if I plop a few out back, it will look more Zen garden and less gravel pit (not that there's anything wrong with the Wu Tang Clan, mind you).


erin@designcrisis said...

Hey, I'm planning an indoor/outdoor post and that thingamajig will fit right in... I think it's pretty natty for those with green thumbs, which means I should probably stay far, far away from it.

Matt said...

FYI, the plants in the maze look like hens and chicks to me.

Alison said...

Some of them do, yes...but that would be some giant hen and chicks...and they need dirt, right?

Speaking of, I came home today to find that one of my cats had dug up a hen and chick (a chick?) and was giving it a bath in his water dish. No wonder mine aren't thriving...

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