Friday, April 02, 2010

Is there a ghost in my house?

Maybe I'm being a baby because I was home alone last night, but this was a little creepy, guys.

So, last night I lit a few tea lights to add some ambiance as I plowed through the bulk of the first season of Dexter (maybe not the best idea). I blew them out around 11:30 and went to bed a little after midnight.

When I woke up this morning (full disclosure: I'm a HUGE baby and slept on the couch), one of the candles was burning. Creeeeepy. I know I blew them out (that's what she said) and there's no way a puny tea light could burn for seven hours, right? And I would have noticed it burning when I fell asleep in the dark. Oh yeah, and I just checked. The candle in question has a good amount of wax left to burn...the same as the other candles that were only lit for about 90 minutes.

So are we thinking ghost? Ice truck killer hiding under my bed and biding his time? Or did the wick somehow smolder for hours and then amazingly re-light itself at some point this morning? Please tell me scenario C is the case and you've all had this happen to you a million times.

Somebody needs to dazzle me with some marvels of science talk to put me at ease.


MoonDoggie said...

I can't shed any (candle)light on this, sorry but I do think it sounds exciting.
I love hearing about ghostly happenings as long as they're not happening in my house!

Sarah Shean said...

wow - how freaking creepy. good thing you balanced out your scary post with such a beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh, It's option C sweetie, so you can sleep in the bed tonight!

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