Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In heaven everything is fine

Ladies and gents, I'm way excited to let you know that The Big Heist, the Etsy shop my friend Shannon and I run (and I have been sorely neglecting since the Vintage Bazaar) will have a booth at Heaven Gallery's Vintage Heaven this Sunday (here's a little interview with us) in Wicker Park!

The event goes down on Saturday too, but we'll be there all monster-truck-rally-style on SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Well, I can't say we'll be there. Sadly, I have to go out of town for work, but Shan is going to hold down the fort.

She's great. So great, in fact, she was patient enough to go wedding dress shopping with me yesterday. Whereupon we discovered that I am not an Ultimate Bride and I should just go with the first dress I tried on that I liked in the first store I visited over the weekend. I hope if I post pictures here after the fact you all aren't thinking, "Uch. She shoulda looked longer. Who does she think she is? Stevie Nicks in that thing? What's going on with those dolman sleeves?" We shall seeee.

Anyway, come say hi if you're around! It looks like a lot of the other vendors will be selling some seriously amazing vintage clothing, so maybe it's for the best (cash flow-wise) that I'm not around all that awesomeness. We have lots of new housewares that aren't up in the shop yet (this is the spot for you if you're looking for bell jars. I'm going through an intense cloche phase these days).


Anonymous said...

Ohh, thanks! perhaps I'll go (though I'm hardcore saving right now, probably a bad idea). And hey! I have that camera!

Stephanie said... dress was the first one I tried on at the first store and on the first time I went shopping...its fine!

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