Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top of the muffin to you!

Last week, I went to the Gap to buy some jeans, which is crazy because I almost never wear jeans and I almost never buy anything from the Gap that's not on Sale. What? Everything seems to eventually go on sale there. But, I read Nicole from Making it Lovely's recommendation about their forever skinny midrise jeans. She's not kidding. They're super cute and totally eliminate any sort of muffin-top issue.

So that's nice and all. Definitely great to go into a store a buy the first two pairs of jeans you try on without sighing or crying or whatever. I was so happy, I ended up buying these adorables:

But in a prettier marigold color. A tip: At stores (at least in Chicago), they're on sale for $24. See what I was saying about the full-price thing? And you know how super-flat sandals are usually really hard and stiff when you first get them and you feel like you're walking around with a roof shingle strapped to your foot for a few weeks? Not these. They're really soft and bendy and super comfortable.

Buying them has got me pairing marigold up with lots of colors--and it's quite striking. I'm really into marigold and purple. Ooh, but a magenta--or turquoise--would be nice too.
Anyway, clearly I've got marigold on the brain, and now I want to buy these and be super a super matchy-matchy dork.

Come on! How pretty are those colors together?


Anonymous said...

Muffin-top! Best ever, I'm going to start using that.
Loehmann's was just having a jean sale, and the first two jeans I tried on also fit me perfectly. Which is nonsense, since I'm as short as a 3rd grader and have the bottom of a well endowed african american lady. Oh, and Anthropologie had some sale jeans that fit perfectly too! What is this backwards madness?

Anonymous said...

per your recommendation, i did try this babies on while at the gap over the weekend. i fell in love! so cute, so comfy, and agreed on the muffin top. alas, i've just bought two new pairs of jeans in the last couple months, so i need to slow the train. i passed. but now i'm reconsidering.....jennie

Alison said...

haha! i can't believe you tried them's always amazing when someone takes my crazytown advice.

sarah :: this is jackson riley said...

i love the marigold pin and belt. love. a lot.

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