Thursday, April 22, 2010

A staunch character

In my head, this is where I'll be kicking it today. There are two chairs, so you're welcome to join me. You might not want to if you're tall cause it looks like you might bang your head on the pretty pendant.

But really, I'm in pollen-explosion hell.

P.S. I think we found a little reception-dinner-thingy venue! I'm not going to say where and jinx it, but I'm meeting with the lady today.


ModernSauce said...

love all those mismatched greens! and I feel your pollen pain. ugh.

urban flea said...

oh my goodness those greens are making nme weak in the knees... just an fyi, i've given you a wee award over at urban flea that was passed on to me by the lovely dear designers blog. i'd love for you to swing by and check it out and pass on the blog love. here's the link: Also, I do have you on my flea friends link list, i'd be honored if you've add urban flea to your list as well. have a beautiful week my dear!

xo urban flea

Alison said...

omg--made my day, Urban Flea!!

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