Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whys and why not

So guys, things are a little tired over here. I got back from a show in Atlanta and we are busy setting up for the next show in Chicago. As much work as it is, it feels so luxurious to be able to go home and settle into my own bed this go-round. But yeah, I spent many an hour chalking up and then erasing blackboard painted walls, so my arms are a little bit sore.

Which, honestly, is a little pathetic. I probably need this kind of work to avoid developing some serious bingo wings. Mmmm, wings. <----See? There's my problem.

Anyway, I've been on a sort of doing stuff/buying things for the house moratorium (spending thousands of dollars on car repairs will do that to you). So that means I haven't been shopping or junking or even reading too many blogs in fear that temptation--and even worse--envy, will rear its ugly head.

Things will turn around soon and I'll be able to do some projects around the house (I'm thinking painting and maybe a little tiling, recaulking the bathtub. Mmm sexy.) and the shop will finally be restocked. Slight digression: HOLY CRAP. The next Vintage Bazaar is just a month away at the Congress Theater. Don't fret; the treasures we do have we've been hoarding, so we'll be ready.

Anyway, not much these days makes me start plotting and planning on how Ima get it, but boy I did see this and salivate a little:

Chen Karlsson pendant lamp.

Love it or hate it, you know how much I enjoy putting things into other things (no, not like that, sicko). All I can think now is how enjoyable doing dishes would be with this guy casting away shadows above me.

What kind of treasure would you put in it? I think I'd like to somehow replicate our kitchen table set up in miniature with little dolls that look like Marc and me. Nice and creepy like The Dollhouse Murders. Anyone else remember that book?

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Anonymous said...

Ohh, I saw these a while back, I sort of loved them, alot.
Ha. ha! things in other things...
And I'd totally take you up on your Jade plant offer, except that for some weird reason, my boyfriend and I have killed every single jade plant we've ever had. I can keep orchids alive, but I cannot keep jade plants, I have no idea why!

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