Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The hitchin' post

(No cakes were harmed during the creation of this post. The Cultural Center has a fake cake so we civil-service-ceremony slobs can get a nice, traditional wedding photo. It actually made me very emotional to cheer as the other brides and grooms emerged from their ceremonies. It was like we were all a part of something bigger than it being "my" big day--it also made me sort of jealous of one bride's fabulous electric-blue heels.)

Hey gang. What's the latest and the greatest? I know I've been all flighty and a giant tease about the wedding, but we didn't do professional pictures (my stepdad is a wonderful photographer) and I'm not-so-patiently waiting for my mom to send me some pictures from the damn thang, so in the meantime all I have are some snapshots.

Ahh, there's one. I guess you can see which dress I ended up going with. And I'm super happy with my choice. It was pretty (IMO), comfortable and felt like a wedding dress without being too, too traditional.

I wouldn't say the wedding went off without a hitch (there were some serious snags with the reception people, but it's boring and I won't get into it here), but we did manage to get hitched (ba-dum-ch!), which is what we were there to do. And it was a fun, fun time. It's just crazy having a husband of my very own. It's like, am I really allowed to just be married to some dude? Hello, don't mind if I do settle here on Grown Up Lane.

I feel like it's not totally different from when you get your first pet and the responsibility and possibilities and love and just all-over weirdness that lashes you to something you're going to care for and tend to for the long stretch of foreseeable future boggles your tiny mind. And in the back of your head you're thinking about how you're still so young and irresponsible you would still eat an entire box of Fruit Roll Ups if your mom wouldn't kill you for ruining your dinner. But you're allowed to partner up and be best pals with this living, breathing thing? For real?

Ideally, I guess the fact that you know it's a big, huge deal makes it makes you ready. (I think we can all be happy that I didn't try to write my wedding vows, right? I think I might be single with a Pomeranian puppy right now.)

Anyway, I'll get into the day and details more when I have some legit snaps to share (MOM).

If you're dying for more of me standing around awkwardly, here's a little interview I did with the great people at Pirates & Pilots. They wanted to know about how I dress--and let me let you in on a big secret--my trick is to choose at least one item of clothing from my bedroom floor/top of dresser so I feel like I've clothed myself and cleaned up a little without having to fold or hang anything up*. Multitasking!

*This half-assery is probably no longer allowed now that I'm a married lady with nice knives and pots n' pans and stuff, huh?


Raina Cox said...

Mazel Tov to you two!

And you look GORGEOUS, Lady.

Stephanie said...

Good description of marriage! I feel that way about my kids...like I look around the room when one of them spills something waiting for the mom to clean it up and then I remember that I am the mom! HA! Like someone is letting me be in charge of them. PS you look great in those pictures:)

Anonymous said...

you're stunning!

erin@designcrisis said...

What?! That's YOU???! You're like a far more beautiful Katherine Heigl. Like, way more beautiful.


Alison said...

Thanks you guys!!! It's amazing what professional hair and makeup people can do. I'll add that to my dream staff right after haberdasher. :)

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