Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Young Sneezy

This is my cat Harvey.

That is a big ball of dryer lint on his head.

I know I talk about him a from time to time on my weblog. But can everyone think strong thoughts and send healthy vibes his way, please?

He has a rare blood disorder that makes him anemic, and he's on a new medication that makes his immune system weak, so he's getting all kinds of sick these days. Poor little guy has a runny eye and one hell of a sneeze. And to add insult to injury, he ripped out one of his back claws while running around yesterday.

Meds he's now on: Prednisone, Atopica, Amoxicillin, Lysine and Genteal Severe Dry Eye drops. It's a pretty rigorous meds schedule. I may have to get one of those pill holder things.

Get better, little guy!


Raina Cox said...

Oh, Honey! He's such a sweet sweet boy. I hope he's better yesterday.

Karena said...

Alison, oh I am so sorry I adore my cat Isabella/ love and hugs to Harvey!

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C.E.R. said...

What a sad panda. I hope he's back to no good soon. :)

Xing said...

Poor little dude!
Hope he gets better soon! Be strong both you and Harvey! :)


Anahit said...

Poor little guy.....get well soon!!!

Alison said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!!! He's wheezy but seems to have more energy today.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon, Harvey! You've got a fabulous family and I know they're taking good care of you!

Mouse says "mao, mraw, mao"....fine words of wisdom and strength.

Stephanie said...

Boo! I hope he is feeling better! That prednisone is rough on them...at least it was when Juno was on it last year...it made her hungry and thirsty and have to pee a lot. Hugs!

Alison said...

Oh girl, he's a Prednisone pro. He's been 'roided up since 2008.

erin@designcrisis said...


Sorry to get all emoticonny on you, but that's just sad.

Get better lil sneezy!

Melissamoore said...

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