Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rollin' in my 94

A few weeks ago, I left a comment on My Little Apartment (addicted! to that blog, btdubs) about how much I love Craigslist and how it’s been the most consistently positive factor in my life for the past five years, but I don’t think I ever fully spun that yarn here.

I know I’ve mentioned that just about every piece of furniture in my house is from CL (except our bed because…ick), but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.

About four years ago, I was working in marketing at a gigantic accounting firm, where I made some wonderful friends. One friend would always complain about how she could never find any dateable guys. So each morning, I’d scour Craigslist for the gnarliest, creepiest m4w ad and send it on over to her (we’re talking “I’m in jail right now, but I’ll be out in four to six. Need someone to take care of my kids while I’m in here” or “420 in my garden apartment?”). One day, I saw an ad featuring a cute guy who was just looking for some people to go to the movies in Grant Park with him. I almost forwarded it along, but then I got to thinking…

A couple months’ prior, I had gotten out of a years’ long relationship. I thought about it a second and decided I should probably start going on dates again and this would be the guy to get things started. It’s not like I was going to marry him or anything.

So yeah, I ended up marrying him. My wedding toast was a sincere and heartfelt salute to Craig Newmark.

Before we got married, I moved in with him (and out of the apartment I shared with my wonderful Craigslist-found roommate) and we furnished our home with many a CL score. And then I moved on from the gigantor accounting firm to my job via a Craigslist ad. (Hey! Here’s an article that quotes my company’s founder in today’s Times. Neat).

The latest development: I’m pregnant and if it’s a boy we’re naming him Craig. Hell, if it’s a girl we probably will too.

Ha, just kidding. No babies just yet. Don’t freak.

The latest development is that over Thanksgiving my husband’s awesome aunt and uncle gave us a super sweet 1994 Dodge Caravan that I’ve already been using to haul around my scavenged treasures. It’s so bad ass. Craigslist will never know what hit it.

And yes, I’m taking suggestions of what to get airbrushed on the side.


Nikki said...

That's effing aweseome (the van, the marriage story, all of it).

Katherine said...

I never knew that! That story is amazing! I almost cried. (Seriously. I'm turning into my mom, WTF.) Anyway, I know what you need to get airbrushed on the side: wolves. Frickin' wolves!

erin@designcrisis said...

Best. Story. Ever. It just made my shitty day a little shinier.

Raina Cox said...

I think "Super Sweet Ride" would be quite awesome.

But in really scroll-y calligraphy.

Xing said...

Craig's a great name! :)
Love the marriage story, too cool!

btw, how about a painted "I <3 Craig's List" bumper sticker?


Stephanie said...

Ok, first I almost fell over when you said you were pregnant---I was like "that was fast!" HA! Anyway, I got over it and kept reading...sweet story, what a great meeting story! I don't think I ever knew that:)

the coolest person in the world said...

That is such an amazing story! I really love it and now I want to venture over to craigs list for a few goodies.

I think it should say, "rollin in my 9-4" in an homage to dr. Dre and snoop!

Alison said...

Well, my friend just named it "The Dreamcatcher," which I really like.

Katherine, I hear you about the crying. I almost started crying while listening to a rap song in the car. WTF, hormones?

The coolest person in the world, Ha! That's totally what the title is supposed to be...I guess I didn't make that clear with the dash!

the coolest person in the world said...

Ah ha ha! I just looked at the title now! Yep. I think that you should get a chameleon colored paint job before the air brushing takes place. That way, when you are running from the law, the cops won't know if it's you or not! One squad thinks your car is purple, another says green... It's flawless! Just a thought since this looks like the perfect getaway vehicle.


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