Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fox paws

Tuesday night, I went to my reg salon to get my hair cut (because I am clearly addicted and will be bald by year's end) and this guy came in for his appointment and settled into a chair right next to mine. His conversation with the stylist went a little something like this:

Stylist: So, what kind of cut are you looking for today.

Guy: Do you know how to cut a fox hawk?

Stylist: A what?

Guy: A fox hawk.

Stylist: I don't think I know what that is...Fox as in the animal?

Guy: I guess. Like this (he pulls out his phone to show her a picture).

Stylist: Oh! You want a faux hawk! Ok.

Guy: Yeah, I guess.

Stylist: I can do that, but you're a little thinner up in the front than the guy in your picture. It's gonna look a little odd...I think we can do something, though.

Poor guy. Talk about the ultimate burn.

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