Monday, August 11, 2008


Oh, golly....about a month ago, I took a little trip to my grandma's house to help her clear out her office, which was absolutely stuffed with greeting cards and prescriptions that dated back to the early 1970s. The lady lends new meaning to the term PACK. RAT.

Some of the more awesome things in her office include this portrait of my mom (yet another contender in the Feist lookalike contest) done by my uncle Larry: What up, girl?

You think roosters are cool?

Then how cool are roosters made entirely from BEANS and MACARONI?

In keeping with the poultry theme, Marc fell in love with a duck:

...while this sad hound dog looked on from the desk:

Don't even think I didn't slip this painted-cat-on-a-slab-of-wood into my purse. Otis needs some art by his food dish.
Don't worry, though. I made sure to leave the Relax sign behind. I'm not naming names, but anyone who's retired and still needs to hold onto the carbon copy of a letter she sent to the electric company in 1984 requesting they correct her middle initial clearly needs it more than I do. Same goes for that "Polka Time" songbook below.

We love you Grandma!

I hope you like your spiffy new office. I don't even care that you got mad at me when I asked if I could have one of your many portable typwriters and some clipboards. And the sandals I scored are pretty cool.

P.S. Tomorrow (or, you know, in September), look for the follow up to this peice, in which I regale you with spellbinding tales from the rest of the weekend. From Lebowski Fest to Marc's grandma's 90th birthday, it's a post not to be missed!

P.P.S. Grandma's sandals make a special guest appearance!

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Shannon said...

haha! My Nona must be related to your Gran. She keeps files on everything she has ever owned in her entire life. Insanity. I love the kitty picture!!

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