Thursday, May 21, 2009

My week so far in pictures

On Monday night, more shelf hanging! This is right by the back door.

As I noted before, I’ve been very into Weeds, and Netflix pulled a fast one, putting seasons one and two in the instant section and making seasons three and four available only through the old-fashioned Pony Express.

Marc knows that I am selfish and will watch them all by myself when he’s not there, so when I came home Tuesday night, I was greeted with this:

Yesterday morning, I decided to take a couple of quick shots of the orchid I received as a birthday gift almost two months ago!

I can’t believe it’s been blooming so long. Even if I kill it, which is likely, at $20 from Home Depot, it’s been one of the most economical flowering gifts I’ve ever received.

Those are eggshells in the soil. I don’t know if they’re helping, but a friend told me they’re good for orchids. I got the pot the plant is in from this hippy guy I was friends with in college. He made it for me in exchange for me letting him sleep on my couch one summer after his house was condemned when a raccoon crawled up into its foundation and was drowned when standing rainwater filled the whole thing (another story for another time). It’s one of my favorite things, and I’m shocked the cats haven’t knocked it over yet.

Marc turns 30 this weekend! I took him out for a little pre-birthday dinner last night at La Sardine. It was no Applebee's, but it was tres tasty.

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