Thursday, September 24, 2009

Reverse advice column

Maybe one day, my burgeoning needlepoint pillow collection...

will make my couch look like this,which would actually be pretty sweet.

Now onto my questions:

On a related note, I'm pretty good at finding stuff, but I suspect some of my readers are even better. So putting this out into the universe:

1. I'm looking for a couple of old upholstered benches. Anybody have any/know of anyone who wants to sell?

2. I just bought some vintage boots online. I love them, but they're too tight in the calf and way loose in the ankle (I've never had this problem before--are my calves getting huge? Ugh, hope not). Is there anything I can do to stretch the leather out, or alternately, get my calves to be all dainty again?


Back Garage said...

1.) what do upholstered benches look like?

2.) don't walk anywhere for a few months. works wonders

3.) that's your place??? amazing. AMAZING!

Alison said...

Oh lord, not that's not my place. I wish! Just what I'd like a sofa to look like one day with all my grandma pillows.

I don't know where the pictures is from, but it's fantastic.

Benches: Not 100% something a bit larger than a piano bench but not much. Maybe something you'd see at the end of a bed.

Designers' Brew said...

Might be worth a try at your local cobbler's (doesn't that word always sound like it's straight out of a Brothers Grimm story?) to see if they can stretch it any. My vintage boots are a little on the wee side, as well. I think it's that whole "people in the 60s/70s/80s were Tinkerbell and we're all a bunch of corn-fed fatties" thing.

Alison said...

Ugh, I know! I'm taking em to my awesome cobblers but I was subconsciously going to suggest an all vodka and Wendy's frosty diet first...

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