Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can't stand it

As someone who loves hats (in a non-Blossom kind of way), it KILLS me that I can't buy all of these:

No joke, Hats by Behida is knocking it out of the park.

Which has kind of been the theme this week....Becke's house tour....Mariano's shop...Pressure is on, guys. I'll try to keep up.

In other news, we have plans this weekend to meet some friends for lunch, and this is what Marc had to say about that: "I'm going to eat the shit out of some Indian food on Saturday. And you can blog that."

Check. Please.

And. And and! We have a Nutty the Squirrel winner! With an official roll of the dice from my old Monopoly game, Macy of Me Oh My Oh became the proud new owner of the brightest-eyed, bushiest-tailed candy dish on the scene.

I know where I'll be trick or treating next Halloween.


erin@designcrisis said...

Hello there, #2, come to momma...

Anonymous said...

Woot woot! Winner!! :D Thank you again <3

Marc said...

WHAT??? I have to give up nutty?!?!

girl, you need to shusp!

Emily said...

i've tweeted them twice this year- i seriously want them all!

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