Friday, November 06, 2009

Kitchen-sink quinks

Not too much time to think, so on to the links!

Daring rescue: An owl in a box!

Ubiquitous Etsy shop: Cast Couture.

In Chicago: An Orange Moon is having a big closeout sale. Oh yes. I will be there. Remember the chairs I got?

Oh my: Darling Clementine stationary. (Did you ever know that song was about a girl who drowned?)

Might as well face it: We're addicted to cute. Ahem.

Tie one on: Rope-knot necklaces.

The Mission: Art + Charity.

Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Enter the giveaway and Nutty the Squirrel can be yours. And you can use him however you'd like: To pet and adore and fill with maple-syrup candy or to let your bratty nieces and nephews stuff full of M-80s on your driveway and light on fire. God bless the U.S.A.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Poppy said...

Wait - does that mean An Orange Moon is closing or just having a big sale?

Alison said...

Not closing (thank goodness)! I think Lynne was just trying to make room for some new stuff.

Anonymous said...

dude, that owl story is off the chain. i'm totally jealous of that woman! i'd be so hype to have close encounters with a great horned.....all i get is spiders or my cat's rump.


we missed you and shan this weekend! hope to see you over tgiving!


rachel said...

Those owl photos made my day. If my cat was an owl, he would look just like that guy.

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